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High quality imported raw materials

Using well-known steel plant raw materials, Baosteel, Puxiang, Nippon Railway, Northeast Special Steel and other large plants.
From the purchase of raw materials to the export of products, scientific and advanced technical measures are adopted in every link to strictly control the quality of products.

Precise size, high precision, small tolerance

The dimension is accurate, the outer diameter tolerance is controlled at (+0.02mm), and it can be more precise with special requirements.
Precision exceeds international standards and has good precision.

Advanced Production Technology and Equipment

Strong technical force, rich production experience and strict quality standards.
To maintain a meticulous and rigorous work style, production personnel need to be retrained until they are skilled in all aspects of work.

Perfecting after-sales service

Over the past ten years, we have established an efficient product system and have different solutions.
Our customer service center, standardization and specialization of service, provides uninterrupted service to customers for 7*24 hours.

High-quality raw materials for large factories.

Using inferior raw materials, the raw materials are unstable and the products produced have poor performance.

The dimension is accurate, the outer diameter tolerance is controlled at 0.02 mm, and it can be more precise with special requirements.

The size deviation is too large to be precise. Affect the production and use of customer products.

Pure steel, uniform hardness, no cracks and pits, good stability, fine grinding, suitable for polishing, mirror, electroplating and so on.

The surface of capillary is rough and not smooth, with cracks and pits, unstable and difficult to process.

The material with good elongation should be used within the scope specified in the standard, and the flaring, bending and cone pipe should not be cracked.

The products processed by inferior capillary are easy to crack, break, and have short service life, which affects their use.

Quality Certification

About Us
About us

Shenzhen Huzhou Precision Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huzhou Precision Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Huzhou Precision Pipe Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, has modern processing plants and various large-scale production and processing equipment. Is a set of production and sales in one, professional management of stainless steel capillaries, stainless steel precision tubes, medical stainless steel needles, sterile injection needles, insulin needles, insulin syringes, sterile syringes, infusion devices, blood collection needles, transfusion needles and other products. Sales materials are: SUS, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 317.310S, 430, 420 and so on. Stainless steel capillary specifications 0.20 mm to 8.0 mm in diameter and 0.05 mm to 1 mm in wall thickness.


    The chopsticks we processed with Huzhou capillary are exquisite.

    We are a professional manufacturer of stainless steel chopsticks and stainless steel tableware. The requirements for stainless steel are very high. 304 edible stainless steel is required, and the brightness and precision are good. The capillary of Shanghai Precision Pipe Industry can meet our high quality requirements, and the processed chopsticks are very popular.

    The size of capillary is accurate and meets the requirements of our instrument factory.

    The pointer in our instrument factory needs to be processed by capillary. The pointer is very small, so it needs very precise capillary, and the tolerance should be as minimum as possible. It can not affect the measurement and detection. The small tubes in Shanghai are very precise and meet our production requirements.

    Cooperation with Huzhou for several years has not delayed our production.

    Huzhou delivers goods very quickly. Generally, we can get them on the same day we place an order. This is very important for us, because rushing to produce can not delay our production because of raw materials.

  • The capillary has good brightness and no burr. The processed products are exquisite.
  • The size of capillary is accurate and the tolerance is small.
  • They deliver goods quickly and never delay our production.
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